What Exactly Are They?

Terpenes are found in the same glands that produce various cannabinoids like CBD and THC and are the oils that are found in different cannabis varieties that give off unique smells and flavor profiles such as mint, citrus, berry, pine, and cheese. So far, science has identified over 200 different terpenes and more are most likely to be discovered. Even though terpenes originally are meant to repel predators and help with the pollination process of the plant itself, many believe they help in differentiating the types of effects found in each strain.


What Do They Do?

Each terpene that has been identified is associated with varying effects. Some terpenes for example have been well received as stress relievers while others help with mental focus. The most interesting thing about terpenes is how they form an almost perfect synergy with the main cannabinoids to help with medicinal relief.

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