The Grateful Family

Who We Are

The Grateful Bud Dispensary, is a local family and veteran owned and operated business. Our family decided to get into the medical marijuana business because we have seen the benefits that cannabis can have in our own family and friend’s lives.

Unfortunately, these days not many families go untouched by the opioid epidemic, including our own. We truly believe that cannabis is the solution to this horrific situation and we have seen first-hand how THC can replace opioids. Not only was THC a miracle to us, we saw the amazing effects of CBD in our family as well. Our nephew, who was diagnosed with epilepsy, suffered with the endless barrage of pills being thrown at him, usually with severe side effects. Out of desperation to break the endless cycle of new medications, he started taking CBD and it proved to be a godsend! CBD has all but cured his epilepsy with only an “earthy” taste as a side effect. Since cannabis-derived treatments have had such a profound effect on our family, we have made it our mission to spread the positive effects of medical cannabis so that we may be able to help bring awareness of its many benefits to the Norman area.




Our Vision

Our vision at The Grateful Bud is to be an open, inclusive, and loving atmosphere. Since we see our customers as family, we are continually searching for the highest quality medicine that provides the best results. We always encourage feedback about the products that we carry so we can get a better idea of what our customers are looking for.


The Roots

Our History

The Grateful Bud was licensed in November 2018 and opened at the Crawford location on January 2 nd 2019. We knew we would eventually need more space than the Crawford location could provide. Patient drives and education classes would require more room. We knew 230 West Gray St. was vacant but never did see any rent signs. Luckily we happened to drive by the day the last tenant was holding a garage sale. We stopped by to check out the location and met the previous tenant Stephanie, who was kind enough to put us in touch with the landlord. We of course jumped at the opportunity to rent the larger space. The move has been amazing for us, we were sad to lose our neighbors at The Main Street Event Center but our new block has been very welcoming. We are excited to be a part of the 200 Main

The Grateful Bud and our family have been very fortunate to have the best patients. We feel very blessed to be able to share our passion for cannabis with our patients. Hearing the stories of how cannabis has helped people never gets old. Thank you for visiting our webpage and we hope to see you soon!

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